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Highline Wrestlers who have gone on to
wrestle at four-year colleges and universities

Junior Benitez - Ohio Northern University
Justin Binetti -  Dickinson College

Patrick Bradley - Gonzaga
Theo Burrell - University of Oregon
Sean Duffy - Washington State University
Darren Faber - Wheaton College
Marshall Giovannini - American International
Francisco Gonzalez - Washington State University
John Hedge - Doan College
Anthony Heffernan - Great Falls Montana
Trever Howard - Iowa State
Brandon Hunter- Central Washington
Lucas Huyber - Boise State
Paul Kline - Central Washington
David Lopez -
University of Great Falls (Montana)
Brad Luvass -  Washington State University
Yura Malamura - University of Minnesota    (2005 National Junior College champion)
Michael Markey - St. Cloud University
Kyle McCarron - Central Washington
Jason Mendez -  Embry Riddle University
Jon Muri - Great Falls Montana
Brad Padgett - St. Cloud University
Casey Park - Great Falls Montana
Kenny Pewitt - Central Washington
Peter Puccio - Western Washington
Jens Pulver - Boise State
Justin Purves - Western Washington
Steve Rider - Western Washington
Nicholas Schmidt - Great Falls (Montana)
Shay Scribner -  Washington State University
Aaron Smith -  American International
Trevor Smith - Iowa State
Vinh Tran -  Central Washington
Peter Troung- Central Washington
Desean Willis - Tennessee Cumberland


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Updated on August 23, 2013

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