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Highline verse Grays Harbor (Nov. 17)

Reports by Wrestling Head Coach Scott Norton

I think some of our guys had a pretty good showing.  Unfortunately, we have several wrestlers that are struggling with making the transition from high school to college wrestling. 

Though we won the meet I think we looked sloppy in some places.  We have a lot of room for improvement. 


Highline was led by returning all American Andrew Ramirez at 141.  Andrew is a lot more offensive this year and it's been fun to watch.  I'm excited to see how he does at the end of the year. 


Miguel Morales seems to be progressing as the year unfolds.  He is incredibly quick for his weight class.  As soon as Miguel used his speed against Grays Harbor the match ended in the fall.  We need to get him using his speed in all matches.


We had a pleasant surprise at 184.  Mario did a fantastic job.  He is the example that we want all our wrestlers following.  He is always heavy on the head and moving forward on the attack. 


We also had a nice victory from Claudeus Laude at 133.  What is impressive is Claudius has never wrestled in high school or college.  He has only done jujitsu.  He is actually learning in matches which have been impressive to watch.  The guy he beat was a two-time Oregon state finalist.


We also had victories from Luis Callen 125, Claudeus Laude 133 Cole Morrison 149, and Jason Patterson 174. 


The final score was 27 to 11.  Individual scores were unavailable at the time.


 Spokane Open  (Nov. 20)

It was a pretty crazy tournament.  Usually this tournament is run very well but the wheels came off the track this past Sunday.  The tournament was probably five hours later than normal.  I think the part that was a little disappointing is that our guys were getting called out random with no heads up whatsoever.  So you could be sitting in the stands and basically be wrestling within two minutes. 


One of the big bright spots was Justin Weiding at 174, who made it all the way to the semifinals.  Justin is dangerous and pins a lot of guys. 

Mario Luevano did a nice job as well at 184.


We had to actually pack the team up at 6 o'clock to get back over the pass and the kids still made it back at midnight.  We were not the only team to do this because there were several teams that did the same because the tournament should've been over at about three. 


Ironically, we still had five wrestlers in the tournament when we had to leave.  They were Andrew Ramirez 141, Justin Weiding 174, Hunter Ferguson 174, Mario Luevano 184, and Josh Wessels 197.  All of these guys performed pretty well. 

The team is currently ranked #17 in the nation.  However, we have a long ways to go to live up to that ranking.  Andrew Ramirez is currently ranked #4 while Miguel Morales is currently ranked number five at heavyweight.


Win Over Grays Harbor

Franklin Easton in an exhibition match in Highline's victory over Grays Harbor


Assistant Coach Brad Luvaas (standing) and Head Coach Scott Norton (kneeling) watch closely as
Claudeus Laude gets the upper hand on his opponent.

The Academic National Championship
Congratulations to the Men's Wrestling Team for receiving the Academic National Championship
or 2014/15 for the second consecutive year and the fourth time in team history. This is the first time a team has won the award in back-to-back years and Highline is the only team to have won the award more than once. 
(see the Highline College press release)     (see the story from the NWAC)


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2016/17 Schedule  

Sat. Oct. 15

Thunderdome Throwdown

Highline 9AM

Thurs. Oct. 27 Intrasquad Meet Highline 7PM

Thurs. Nov. 3


Highline 7 PM

Sun. Nov. 6

Mike Clock Open

Forest Grove, OR
 9 AM

Sat. Nov. 12

California Duals

Redding, CA 10AM

Thurs. Nov. 17

Grays Harbor Dual

Highline 7PM

Sun. Nov. 20

Spokane Open

Spokane, WA
9:30 AM

Fri. Dec. 2


Clackamas, OR

Sat. Dec. 10


Clackamas, OR. 12PM

Thurs. Dec. 15 Pacific University Highline 7:00 PM

Fri. Jan. 6

Gut Check Duals

Aberdeen, WA

Sat. Jan. 7


Coos Bay, OR 7PM

Sat. Jan. 14

Boxer Open

Forest Grove, OR. 9AM

Sun. Jan. 22

Clackamas Open

Clack, OR 9 AM

Sat. Feb. 11



Fri. Feb. 24

Nationals Day 1

Coos Bay, OR  10 PM

Sat. Feb. 25

National Championship Match

Iowa 7PM




Top Highline Wrestling Boosters

*Wooding Family –     One of Highline's most prominent past coaches  *Ottiw Family –    Prominent Washington Wrestling Family *John Clemens – Former Highline Coach *Cory Sonnen – Owner of Tri-Pak/Pac-10 -  Champion/Teamate of Coach Norton
*Scott Norton – Head Coach of Highline;   Former Univ. of Oregon wrestler  *Morin Family – Began a Junior College Scholarship
  for Highline  *Schutte Family (Othello)– Best Friend of Head
  Coach Scott Norton  *Brad Luvaas – Asst. Wrestling Coach at Highline  *Joy Coleman – Head Coach at Orting High
Andy Olson – Former Highline All-American *Chad Omanaka – Former student of  Coach Norton  *Inglemoor Wrestling
*Dave Gilbertson – Runs Washington Wrestling  Report/Orca Duals  *Craig Hansen–East Valley Wrestling Club (Spokane)*Derek Norton *Drew Miller *Steve Hadsel – Former Highline C.C. Asst. Coach *Tim McCann – Former Highline Wrestler *Stan Kawamoto – Former Washington Wrestling  Referee *Bill Small *Phil Pine – Head Coach South Sound C.C./   Washington Wrestling Fundraiser *Randy Beddow *Alex Phillips *Dale Harada – Former Highline Wrestling Trainer *Highland Wrestling *James Barr-Finch – Former Highline Wrestler *Chuck Harrison *Jon Muri – Former Highline Wrestler *Tahoma Wrestling Club *Serge Litvenenko – former student of Coach Norton  *Nick Holobon – former student of Coach Norton *Richard Rockwell – Former Yakima Valley Wrestler
*Andrew Ashworth *Brandon Forster *Brian and Heather Meyer
*Nina Snowden *Jason Nixon *Matt Rapelje *Lori Hollaway – Former teaching colleague    of Coach Norton *Dave Jedlicka – Prominent Washington Wrestling Photographer *Jonee Dubos
*AJ Ranjiban – Friend of Coach Norton *Leilani Tynan – Sister of Hwt. standout Ben Tynan *Eric Givens

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Updated on August 23, 2013

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