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A Very Short, Very Successful Season

How successful? Head Coach Laura Rosa stated it this way:

 As a team we finished 4-0.

As a team we won 33 match points and lost just 3 (each match was worth 9 points).

As a team we won 43 sets and lost just 4.

As a team we won 236 games and lost just 77.

As a team we are sending ALL 5 sophomores on academically to 4-year schools.

As a team we are sending 2 sophomores on to compete on 4-year rosters.

And on the team’s Facebook page, Coach Rosa added these sentiments for her departing sophomores:

“Please help us celebrate these 5 amazing sophomore women who have been the heart and soul of TBird Tennis through 2 very difficult pandemic years. In the face of challenge after challenge they have shown exactly what it means to be TBird. They are resilient competitors who never let priorities get askew. Less than 24 hours from now the team will host it’s final match of the season against Treasure Valley. Wishing the best of luck to our sophomores tomorrow, Marie Fenske, Lyndsee Fleury, Marissa Nemeth, Mikyla Olsen and Autumn Simpson! Let’s go finish what we started!”


The Sophomores

HC Tennis Sophomores Spring 2021

Top Left: Marissa Nemeth
Bottom Left: Autumn Simpson
Middle: Mikyla Olsen
Bottom Right: Maria Fenske
Top Right: Lynsee Fleury

(photo compliments of Head Coach Laura Rosa)

Subduing Spokane

Highline travels east and returns with a 6-3 win over the Sasquatch.

(photos courtesy of Tennis Head Coach Laura Rosa)

Marissa Nemeth and  Rachel WIlkerson Highlne TennisMarissa Nemeth (left) and Rachel Wilkerson each won their singles matches in straight sets.

Lyndsee Fleury Highline Tennis Lynsee Fleury won in singles and doubles competition.

Autumn Simpson Highline Tennis 04-25-21 vs Spokane 30Autumn Simpson on the return during her doubles victory.

Marie Fenske Highline Tennis 04-25-21 vs Spokane 16Marie Fenske on the backhand return.

Mikyla Olsen and Marissa Nemeth Highline Tennis 04-25-21 vs Spokane 10Mikyla Olsen (front) and Marissa Nemeth (serving) dominated their doubles match in losing only one game.

Selah Carlisle Highline Tennis 04-25-21 vs Spokane 35Selah Carlisle lost only one game in sweeping her singles match.

Andrea Guiton Highline Tennis 04-25-21 vs Spokane 11Andrea Guiton is a two-sport student/athlete at Highline (tennis and women’s soccer).

Rachel Wilkerson Highline Tennis 04-25-21 vs Spokane 32Rachel Wilkerson won her singles match 6-0, 6-0.

Highline Over Bellevue 9-0

April 16, 2021