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Women’s Soccer

Playoff Run Ends in Semi-Finals

A fine season by a freshman laden Highline Women’s Soccer team ended in the semifinals with a 2-1 loss to Clark College. Overall, the team went 12-3-1 and 9-2-1 in league play, winning the NWAC West Division.

Midfielder Meredith Udovich, with 8 goals and 18 assists, was named West Region MVP. Abby Carmel, Myka Carr, and Andrea Guiton were all named to the All-Star team with Head Coach Tom Moore once again received Coach of the Year honors for the West Division.



NWAC West All-Star

Myka Carr

Myka Carr WSOC All-Star 2021

NWAC West Division Player of the Year

Meredith Udovich

Meredith Udovich WSOC All-Star 2021

NWAC West All-Star

Andrea Guiton

Andrea Guiton WSOC All-Star 2021

NWAC West All-Star

Abby Carmel

AbbyCarmel WSOC All-Star 2021

NWAC West Co-Coach of the Year

Tom Moore

Tom-Moore Women's Soccer Coach

Highline’s Meredith Udovich Named 2021 NWAC Baden Women’s Soccer Player of the Year

(From the NWAC website)

Highline College women’s soccer player Meredith Udovich were named the 2021 NWAC Baden Players of the Year on Tuesday.  From the NWAC press release, “Udovich was the conference’s best player at setting up her teammates, leading the NWAC by a considerable margin in assists with 18. Anytime Udovich had possession of the ball, there was an opportunity for the Thunderbirds to score thanks to her playmaking ability.”

The 2021 Highline Women’s Soccer Team

Highline Women's Soccer team Fall 2021

Top Row (L-R)
Elsa Young, Krista Chun, Gizel Pene, Franqie Moppins, Megan Rost, Haley Lindor, Victoria Zalutskiy, Andrea Guiton, Kayla Ness, Alex Reed
Bottom Row (L-R)
Olivia Quinnett, Meredith Udovich, Ashley Teofilo, Cassandra Decker, Abby Carmel, Dakne Blanco-Ramirez, Nikesha Ibana, Isabelle White, Myka Carr
(Not pictured): 
Tyanna Davis, Cinthia Cantarero-Machado, Cynthia Roberts, Addison Saarenas