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Women's Basketball Testimonial Jasmine Hansgen
Jasmine Hansgen

Making the decision to move from home and attend Highline to complete my Associates Degree and play on the women’s basketball team was one of the greatest decisions I have made. I didn’t know what to expect, but I got way more than I could have asked for.

I gained an entire family, lifelong friendships, and unforgettable memories in my short two years at Highline. The coaches went above and beyond to be more than just coaches, and I am forever grateful for the relationships we have maintained and all that they have done for me.

Highline helped me to develop into the woman I am today – 2 short semesters away from my degree, part of a championship women’s basketball team at Brooklyn College (NY), and most importantly, helped me believe in myself. Ever since I’ve left, I’ve been planning on how to make my way back to be a part of the Highline community.

Jahnna-Marie Kahele-Madali  (2016-2018)

Highline College has been a great journey. Moving from Hawaii to Washington was a big milestone in my life as I had to start all over again. I was blessed to have a roommate who was also my teammate and quickly became a sister, just like everyone else on this diverse team. Girls who hype me up when I’m down, push me in practice and play their hearts out every game. There’s no team without drama, but we never let it affect us in games. To improve our relationships off the court we would always go out to the movies or eat and squash whatever problems we had. My favorite memory was making playoffs because considering how short our team was compared to our opponents and with a new head coach, we proved a lot of doubters wrong. You won’t find another family like the Highline College Lady Thunderbirds

Women's Basketball Testimonial Jahnna-Marie Kahele-Madali

Jahnna-Marie Kahele-Madali

Highline Women's Basketball Testimonials Jasmine Martinez
Jasmine Martinez

Jasmine Martinez (2017-2018)

Highline has been two great years of my life. Playing basketball for coach Crump and coach Dani has been great. We love each other like family. I will never forget my teammates and coaches, they have been so supportive and friendly through the year. I appreciate Highline and what everyone has done to help me succeed to move on. Playing for this team was wonderful