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The Highline Pavilion will be closed to spectators during the Spring 2021 (April-May) athletics events.

image of movie camera  To see livestreams of home games go to the NWAC School Broadcast Links and click on Highline

Women's Basketball Schedule 2021

ConferenceApril 2 (Fri.)7pmCentraliaAwayCancelled
ConferenceApril 6 (Tues.)5pmLower ColumbiaAwayCancelled
ConferenceApril 13 (Tues.)5pmPierceAwayCancelled
ConferenceApril 16 (Fri.)5:30pmTacomaHomeWin (score not available)
ConferenceApril 20 (Tues.)5:30pmCentraliaHome
ConferenceApril 23 (Fri.)5:30pmLower ColumbiaHome
ConferenceApril 30 (Fri.)5:30pmPierceHome
ConferenceMay 4 (Tues.)5pmTacomaAway
ConferenceMay 7 (Fri.)7pm CentraliaAway
ConferenceMay 11 (Tues.)5pmLower ColumbiaAway
ConferenceMay 18 (Tues.)5pmPierceAway
ConferenceMay 21 (Fri.)5:30pmTacomaHome

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