Another Step in the Process

Season Ends with  Playoff Loss

Highline made the playoffs in Head Coach Damien Crump’s second year of rebuilding the program, losing in the first round to Peninsula.  For the year, the team was 12-14 for the season and 8-6 in conference play.
The end of the season sees the departures of sophomores Sharon Ajayi, Minami Ando, Aleyah Bennett, Nadia Demic, Kami Jackson, Mahie Kaawa, Kanani Kremers, and Jazmina Lafitaga. With five returning freshmen, the coaching staff will be hitting the recruiting trail, being able to offer playing time and a program on the rise.

Season Honors:
Jazmina Lafitaga – NWAC All-Western Region second team
Kanani Kremers – NWAC All-Western Region defensive team



From the 2018/19 Season

Team Leaders

Minutes per game: Jazmina Lafitaga 29.8 mpg; Tori Allen 26.5 mpg; Alani Sinclair 22.6 mpg
Points per game: Jazmina Lafitaga 11.0 ppg; Tori Allen 8.7 ppg; Braeanna Estabillo 6.8 ppg
Shooting Pct. (min. 60 attempts):  Kiley Kirk 40.5%; Nadija Demic 40.2%; Tori Allen 39.0%
3-pt. Shoot Pct. (min 20 attempts): Braeanna Estabillo 31.7%; Kanani Kremers 27.4%; Jazmina Lafitaga 27.0%
Free Throw Pct. (min. 30 attempts): Kami Jackson 77.1%; Kiley Kirk 70/6%; Braeanna Estabillo 70.3%
Assists per game: Jazmina Lafitaga 2.4 apg; Braeanna Estabillo 2.2 apg; Nadija Demic 2.0 apg
Rebounds per game: Jazmina Lafitaga 6.8 rpg; Tori Allen 6.7 rpg; Alani Sinclair 5.5 rpg mpg
Steals per game: Jazmina Lafitaga 2.1 spg; Kanani Kremers 1.4 spg
Blocks per game:  Alani Sinclair 0.7 bpg; Tori Allen 0.6 bpg

Highline Women Basketball Sophomores 2019

Highline Women Basketball Sophomores 2019

On to more education and more hoop.

Sharon Ajayi
Aleyah Bennett
Kami Jackson
Minami Ando
Mahie Kaawa
Jazmina Lafitaga
Kanani Kremers
Nadia Demic

Highline College 2018/19 Women’s Basketball Team

Highline Women's Basketball Team 2018/19


Top row (left to right):  Braeanna Estabillo (4); Jazmina Lafitaga (32); Maria Wilson (40-RS); Sharon Ajayi (21); Alani Sinclair (3); Kiley Kirk (34); Emolani Morris (33); Tori Allen (24); Kami Jackson (23)

Bottom row: Caitlin Conwell (20);  Aleyah Bennett (30);  Shione Chosokabe (22);  Nadija Demic (15);  Cherish Andrews (12 -RS);  Kanani Kremers (10)

Note:  RS denotes a player being red-shirted for the year.