Getting Better

The Highline Women’s Basketball team begins its second year under Head Coach Daimen Crump, with six new faces joining a team that surprised everyone, except possibly themselves, by going 11-16 (7-7 in league) with a squad that sometimes could only dress seven players. This year’s team looks to build on last year with key returners including Sharon Ajaya (14 ppg), Nadija Demic (6.9ppg) and Kanani Kremers (7.8 ppg), With a year of Coach Crump’s new system behind them, they will be expected to provide leadership in bringing all their new teammates up to speed.

At the beginning of his first year, Head Coach Daimen Crump stated “This season’s mission is to set a new course, focused on creating an environment that facilitates all student athletes to establish goals, work hard to achieve them, and most importantly have fun doing it.”  Now in his second year, this new course begins its next step.

First Week of Practice

Highline College 2018/19 Women’s Basketball Team

Highline Women's Basketball Team 2018/19


Top row (left to right):  Braeanna Estabillo (4); Jazmina Lafitaga (32); Maria Wilson (40-RS); Sharon Ajayi (21); Alani Sinclair (3); Kiley Kirk (34); Emolani Morris (33); Tori Allen (24); Kami Jackson (23)

Bottom row: Caitlin Conwell (20);  Aleyah Bennett (30);  Shione Chosokabe (22);  Nadija Demic (15);  Cherish Andrews (12 -RS);  Kanani Kremers (10)

Note:  RS denotes a player being red-shirted for the year.