2017/18 Results

West Region Championships

February 11, 2018    Clackamas, OR

Report from Head Coach Scott Norton

We had the national qualifier this past weekend.  Highline was led by Austin Lister at 133.

He was the only champion that we had.  Lister was also joined by 3 other Highline wrestlers in the finals.  We had Jacob Mendoza in at 125, Liam Corbett 157, and 197 Emmanuel Daigbe.  We also had Tucker Wooding, Adrian Avena, and Ben Gore finish 3rd.  Patrick Wheeler 165, Mitchell Owens 184, and Mario Luevano Hwt. placed 4th.  Overall, our team placed 3rd behind North Idaho and Clackamas.

At 133, Austin Lister pinned Nick Hara of North Idaho in the semi-finals and then beat Christian Balagso of SWOOC in the finals.  Austin will go into the National tournament without a loss to a junior college wrestler.  We are excited to see how he finishes at the Nationals.

At 125, Jacob Mendoza received a medical forfeit from #3 Devaugh Sapien of Clackamas who Jacob had beat earlier.  He then struggled a bit against #6 Esco Walker of NIC in the finals who he is yet to beat.  Jacob didn’t follow the game plan and we got beat.  I’m confident that we will make some adjustments over the next week and have him ready to go.

We had Liam Corbett knock of Thomas Stevenson from North Idaho at 157, who has been ranked #6 most of the year.  He used some good riding to keep him down.  Liam has really been coming on as of late.  He is in a good place and training hard.  Unfortunately, Liam lost to Isaiah Diggs in the finals.

Emmanuel Daigbe pinned North Idaho’s Christian Glover in the semi-finals.  He then took on #3 ranked Gage Harrah of Clackamas in the finals.  Daigbe slapped on an odd cradle and turned him.  Ironically, Emmanuel was reversed and caught on his back.  All of this happened in about 30 seconds.  We need to make some adjustments to have Emmanuel ready for nationals.

Tucker Wooding did a good job for us at 141.  He lost to the Clackamas kid in the championship side of the bracket, but came back to finish 3rd over the SWOOC opponent. Adrian Avena was pinned by Josiah Williams at 149, but came back with a pin of his own to finish 3rd.  Ben Gore also finished 3rd at 174.

Overall, I think our guys wrestled pretty well.  I would have liked to have seen more of our guys get into the finals because the tournament is set up to where the top 2 placers go.  After that the coaches vote on the top 8 wild cards.  I left this weekend puzzled.  Our team has the smallest budget of all 4 teams, and we didn’t receive 1 of the 8 Wild Cards which seems completely ridiculous.  The wildcards were given as follows:

125 3rd Francisco Barrera (Southwestern Oregon CC)
125 4th Devaughn Sapien (Clackamas CC)
157 3rd Cade Hite (Southwestern Oregon CC)
157 4th Thomas Stevenson (North Idaho College)
165 3rd Austin Howard (Southwestern Oregon CC)
184 3rd Nick Maximov (Clackamas CC)
197 Christian Glover (North Idaho College)
Hwt. JJ Perez (Southwestern Oregon CC)

The only thing left is the national tournament.  The guys we are taking are capable of going deep into the tournament.  It should be fun watching our wrestlers put the finishing touches on a good season.

UCC Duals:  Highline 33 Umpqua 20

January 27, 2018
Information from the News-Review (Roseburg, OR)

125 — Aaron Nakama, HCC  wins by forfeit
133 — Austin Wallace-Lister  wins by forfeit
141 — Kobe Olson, UCC defeats Tucker Wooding, HCC, 4-1;
149 — Adrian Avena, HCC  wins by forfeit
157 — Isaiah Lepre, UCC, tech. fall over Patrick Wheeler, HCC, 16-1;
165 — Liam Corbett, HCC  wins by forfeit
174 — Hayden Juliano, UCC  wins by forfeit
184 — Mitchell Owens, HCC, pins Josh Hammers, UCC, 1:36;
197 — Mario Luevano, HCC, defeats Brayden Schultz, UCC, 6-3;
285 — Dalls O’Bryan, UCC  wins by forfeit

Boxer Open

January 14, 2018
Head Coach Scott Norton

This weekend we competed at the Boxer Open in Forest Grove, Oregon.  Highline was led by Liam Corbett 157, and Austin Lister 133.  Corbett pinned Scottie Stockman from Southern Oregon in the finals.  Austin Lister dominated Logan Higganbottom 18-7.  We had a 3rd finalist in Jacob Mendoza 125.  But we sat him out due to a potential concussion.  Mendoza had a huge win in the semifinals as he knocked off #3 Devaughn Sapien of Clackamas to get into the finals.

Ironically, we had Mendoza 125,  Lister 133, ilaban 141, Corbett 157, and Ben Gore 174,  in the semifinals.  Gore and Owens finished 4th, as they defaulted due to injuries.

We also had Patrick Wheeler finish third at 133.  He had two pins, and 4 wins.  This is the best tournament he has competed in this year.  Tucker Wooding also went 2-2 at 141.  Aaron Nakama competed at 125 as well.

Shandon wrestled real well today.  He lost in the semi‘s 9-8.  Unfortunately, Shandon injured his knee at 141 coming back through the bracket.  It’s tough to say if he will be back for Regionals.

Ben Gore 174, has wrestled well all year including this tournament.  He is winning a lot of matches, and turning a lot of guys.  We are happy with the adjustments he has made.

Mitchell should have been in the finals at 184.  He was beating Nick Maximas 5-2 going into the third period.  Mitchell tried to roll through on Maximas shot and was caught and pinned.  I’m confident that Mitchell will beat him when it’s most important.

The next meet will be the Clackamas Open next Sunday.  It will be a good test for our guys.  They are moving in the right direction.

Simon Fraser vs. Highline

January 12, 2018

Report by Head Coach Scott Norton:
This past Friday we wrestled Simon Fraser University, which is a D2 school.  It was a pretty competitive meet.  Jacob Mendoza got us rolling with the win at 125, while Austin Lister picked up a forfeit at 133.  We dropped 6 points as Shandon ilaban was pinned at 141.  Adrian Avena then battled back and took a 15 to 10 decision at 149.  Liam Corbett 157, beat Cody Osborne 5-2.  Liam lost to him earlier in the year.  We then forfeited at 165. Ben Gore then stopped Logan Nelson 11-7 at 174.  Mitchell Owens then pinned his guy at 184.  This gave us a 10 point lead 22 to 12 going into the last two matches.  It also set up a rematch with Emmanuel Daigbe and #2 ranked Morgan Smith.  Emmanuel started the match with a big double leg in the first opening 15 seconds.  The match was going back-and-forth.  However, in the third round Emmanuel was in the down position and turned the wrong direction and was caught and pinned.  Unfortunately, this brought the score to 22 – 18 Highline.   And in the last match we had to forfeit at heavyweight and lost the dual 24 to 22.  This was the first time our guys have wrestled in a month.

Reno Tournament of Champions

December 17, 2017
Report by Head Coach Scott Norton

Today the team finished up competing for the first half of the year.  Highline was led by Austin Lister 133, and Emmanuel Daigbe at 197.  Lister knocked off a D-1 wrestler from Fresno State in his opening match and then upended Nate Johnson of Clackamas, who placed 4th in last year’s Nationals.  Austin was beat in the quarter-finals but had a strong tournament.  Emmanuel Daigbe turned a few heads as he knocked off two NCAA D-1 wrestlers to also make the quarters.  Emmanuel ended up defaulting with an arm injury but he had a solid tournament.  Ben Gore also had a good showing at 174.  Ben is improving each match, it has been fun to watch.

Pacific vs. #19 Highline

Dec. 14, 2017
Report by Head Coach Scott Norton

This past Thursday we wrestled Pacific University.  Jacob Mendoza got the team started at 125 with a 10-0 major decision.  Aaron Nakama filled in for Austin Lister at 133 to take the forfeit.  Patrick Wheeler defeated Brandon Hertz at 141.  Adrian Avena had a forfeit at 149, but we bumped him up to 157 where he pinned their 2nd string guy.  Liam Corbett pinned Manu Wengler at 157..  We forfeited at 165, so they bumped their guy up but Ben Gore pinned him at 174.  Mitchell Owens received a forfeit at 184.  Emmanuel Daigbe pinned Ian Morford at 197, and we forfeited Heavyweight.  The final score was 42-12.

125: Jesse Mendoza (Highline) def. Landon Obra-Nakata (Pacific), 10-0; major decision.
133: Aaron Nakama (Highline) won by forfeit
141: Patrick Wheeler (Highline) def. Brandon Hertz (Pacific), 11-10
157: Liam Corbett (Highline) def. Manu Wengler (Pacific), 16-0; technical fall
165: Matthew Baca (Pacific) won by forfeit
174: Ben Gore (Highline) pinned Kaleb Winebarger (Pacific)
184: Mitchell Owens (Highline) won by forfeit
197: Emmanuel Daigbe (Highline) pinned Ian Morford (Pacific)
HWT: Steve Naldzyhan (Pacific) won by forfeit

Umpqua vs. #19 Highline

December 8, 2017

Report by Head Coach Scott Norton:

Highline moves up two spots and is ranked #19 nationally.  Returning Hwt. All-American Miguel Morales is ranked #3

We had a pretty good showing against Umpqua C.C.  Jacob Mendoza received a forfeit at 125.  Austin Lister looked dominant with a quick fall in the first round at 133.  Lister currently has a perfect 11-0 record.  Umpqua got on the board as Patrick Wheeler got caught in a headlock.  Adrian Avena made his return back to the mat at 149 with a quick pin. He has been plagued with an elbow injury this last month.  Liam Corbett looked excellent at 157, he came away with a fall.  We have worked with Liam to get him to start his offense quickly, and it paid off today.  Next, both teams forfeited at 165.  Then, Ben Gore came away with a fall at 174.  And Mitchell Owens and Emmanuel Daigbe also followed up with falls at 184 and 197.  Last we had to forfeit at heavy weight which we have had to do all year.  We are waiting and hoping that we get our returning All American at heavyweight back before the Regionals.  I have never seen a team pin  everyone they wrestled until this particular meet.  Our guys did well taking the opponents down from their feet to their back, which is always emphasized.  Highline will be back in action this Thursday at 7 PM against Pacific University at home.

125 Jacob Mendoza (H) won by Forfeit.
133 Austin Lister (H) won by fall over Grant Laiblin (U)
141 (U)Kobe Olson won by fall over Patrick Wheeler (H)
149 Adrian Avena (H) won by fall over (U) Isaiah Lepre
157 Liam Corbett (H) won by fall over (U)Wyatt Kesler
165 Double Forfeit
174 Ben Gore (H) won by fall over Christian Perez (U)
184 Mitchell Owens (H) won by fall over Josh Hammers (U)
197 Emmanuel Daigbe (H) won by fall over Brayden Schultz (U)
Hwt. Dallas O’Bryan (U) won by forfeit

The final score was 42 – 12.  (Double Forfeits are not added into the score).

Clackamas Duals

December 2, 2017

Report from Head Coach Scott Norton:
Jacob Mendoza got us rolling at 125 with a fall.  Then, we received a forfeit at 133 to go up 12-0.  Clackamas came storming back with a fall at 141. Then we forfeited at 149 to notch the dual at 12 even.  Liam Corbett was beaten by Isaiah Diggs 15-6. The big difference was conditioning.  Next, we had to forfeit at 165.  We should get one of our wrestlers back in the second term to fill this weight.  Ben Gore did a nice job getting the fall at 174.  He is getting tougher on top.  Mitchell Owens then followed up with the fall at 184.  We then moved Emmanuel Daigbe up to Hwt. and forfeited at 197.  We were thinking he could win at heavyweight which could’ve put us in a position to win the meet, but he got caught in a headlock.  We lost 34-24.  I was pleased with the pins that our guys scored during the meet.  The guys competed pretty well.

Highline vs. Warner Pacific

Highline 39 Warner Pacific 6
From Head Coach Scott Norton:
Austin Lister made his return to the line up with a technical fall 18-3 over Logan Higganbottom at 133.  Liam Corbett won by fall over Zhack Carrie at 157.  Ben Gore also did well at 174 by defeating Jessie Johnson 11-1.  Patrick Wheeler also won by fall in an exhibition at 133.  We are finding out that a few of the other teams are pretty banged up as well.  This opened the door up for several forfeits.
125 Jacob Mendoza won by Forfeit
133 Austin Lister won by tech fall 18-3 Logan Higganbottom
141 Zach Sias won by forfeit141
Exhibition Patrick Wheeler won by fall
149 Tucker Wooding won by forfeit
157 Liam Corbett won by fall over Zhack Carrie
165 Double Forfeit
174 Ben Gore md. Jessie Johnson 11-1
184 Mitchell Owens won by forfeit
197 Emmanuel Daigbe won by forfeit
Hwt. Double Forfeit

 Southwestern Oregon vs. Highline

Highline 32  Southwestern 19
125 Jacob Mendoza vs. Francisco Barrera 5-1
133 Austin Lister vs.Christian Balgeso
141 SWOOC wins by Forfeit
149 Tucker Wooding wins by forfeit
157 Liam Corbett wins by forfeit
165 SWOOC wins by forfeit
174 Ben Gore wins by fall
184 SWOOC md Mitchell Owens
197 Emmanuel Daigbe wins by forfeit
Heavyweight double forfeit


Spokane Open

November 19, 2017
Report by Head Coach Scott Norton

This past weekend the team traveled to Spokane.  Unfortunately, we had 2 of our starters get injured the previous day so we only had a handful of wrestlers competing.  Highline was led by Mitchell Owens at 184, who placed 3rd.  Mitchell is big for the weight so it’s been tough for him to make 184.  However, he seems to be adjusting to the weight and competing better.  At 174, Ben Gore has been wrestling better as of late.  Ben was a match away from placing.  We had 2 starters get hurt in their opening match.  Austin Lister (133), who has stepped up to lead the team, dislocated his big toe.  It could be broken but unlikely.  Then Tucker Wooding injured his collar bone in his first round match.  Liam Corbett (157) and Emmanuel (Daigbe) 197 made the quarterfinals, but unfortunately lost their next matches.  Highline will be in action in two weeks at the Clackamas duals.

Simon Frasier University
Jacob Mendoza got us rolling at 125 with a 11 to 4 win.  Austin Lister won by fall as he continued his domination at 1:33.  Tucker Wooding at 141 lost a tight 4-2 Decision to Cruz Velasquez.  Adrian Avena won by forfeit at 149.  Liam Corbett lost a tight 12-10 decision.  He will most likely win the next time they wrestle.  We forfeited at 165.  Ben Gore lost at 174.
Mitchell Owens (184) won by fall.  Emmanuel Daigbe lost by a takedown.  And we forfeited at heavyweight.  One of our heavyweights is getting surgery, and the other can no longer wrestle due to concussions.  We are struggling there.

North Idaho College
We had a tough time against North Idaho mainly because of injuries.  The meet kicked off as Jacob Mendoza (125), was forced to default due to a concussion sustained early in the match.  Austin Lister then won by forfeit at 133.  At 141 Tucker Wooding had a good showing as he lost in overtime to Nick Hara.  Tucker had lost by a major decision to his opponent when they last wrestled. Unfortunately, at 149 we sustained another injury as Adrian Avens was forced to default due to an elbow injury.  We sat Liam Corbett out at 157 due to a leg injury.  We also had to forfeit at 165.  Most likely one of our 174s will come down towards the end of the year.  Ben Gore did a good job at 174 as he lost in overtime 10 to 6.  Gore lost to this opponent by a technical fall a week ago.  Ben is improving and beginning to adjust college wrestling.  Mitchell Owens lost at 184.  Emmanuel Daigbe continued his winning ways as he won 7 to 1.  And we forfeited at heavyweight.  The score was 40 to 9, but we gave North Idaho 24 points with injuries and forfeits.  We need to get our guys healthy.

Mike Clock Open 

Nov. 12, 2017
Report by Head Coach Scott Norton

Yesterday our team competed in the Mike Clock Open which is a pretty tough tournament for a junior college wrestler due to competing against 4 years colleges. Highline was led by Austin Lister 133. He looked incredibly tough all tournament. He knocked off Elijah Ozuna in the semi-finals, and then beat Blake Mcnall of Eastern Oregon in finals 6-3. Austin is on track to go deep into the national tournament. He still has areas we need to work on, but I’m confident he will be ready in the end. Emmanuel Daigbe, 197, finished a solid 4th. He has not lost to a junior college wrestler yet this year. Adrian Avena also wrestled well but was defeated in the quarters at 149. Adrian has been battling a knee injury and was forced to withdraw from the tournament. He is making good progress though. Ben Gore, 174, also had a strong tournament but lost in the placing round. Highline will wrestle next in the cardinal duals next Saturday Nov. 18, and in the Spokane Open Sunday Nov. 19.

North Idaho Dual

#2 North Idaho vs. #21 Highline   Nov. 9, 2017
Report by Head Coach Scott Norton

This past Thursday we wrestled a pretty good team in North Idaho, which is currently ranked #2 Nationally. The meet started out as Jacob Mendoza 125, pushed north Idaho’s Esco Walker to the limit. Jacob thought he was winning but ended up losing the match 4-3. It was a very entertaining match with a lot of scrambles. I’m positive that Jacob will beat him when it’s most important, which is the national tournament.

At 133, Austin Lister took out the top ranked wrestler in the region in Diego Nunez 11-1. Austin is a good wrestler, I’m excited to see what he will do at the end of the year.

We were forced to forfeit at 141. Arizpe Leviticus will no longer be on our team, and Tucker Wooding could not weigh in at 141 till later in the month.

At 149, Adrian Avena wrestled #6 Brent Evans. It was a pretty exciting match, but Adrian kept going upper body which is a position I haven’t seen him practice all year. The big difference in the match was he went for a throw and put himself on his back. The final score was 10-7.

Things really went sideways after 149. Freshman Liam Corbett was pinned, and injured his leg in the process. It was a big swing because we were counting on Liam to win pretty decisively. We then had to forfeit out 165 and were beat at 174 and 184.
A big bright spot was at 197, as Emmanuel Daigbe took out 3 x Idaho state champ Trager Abatti. Emmanuel is probably the best athlete that has ever come through the program but he is learning to wrestle in college. He will be a big factor at the end of the year if he stays healthy.

We suffered an early season blow as returning All-American and #3 ranked Hwt. Miguel Morales was forced into early season surgery. Hopefully, we will get Miguel back before the year ends. Wrestling in his place was Ilai Wilson who was pinned. For complete scores and results go to trackwrestling.com.

Our program is geared more for tournaments vs. dual meets. We have a lot of new kids that are learning to wrestle in college. I’m very optimistic that they can do well. The end of the year is always the goal.