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Highline will forever be a special place to me. It gave me an opportunity to grow and forge bonds that will last a lifetime, but most importantly Highline gave me the tools and the options to be successful in the future. I do want to give a shoutout to Coach Dawson and the rest of the coaching staff because not only did they prepare me for whatever was thrown at me on the basketball court but they made sure I was well prepared for life as well. ,,

Val Wilson (Class of 2017)

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Kelly-Edwards Highline Men's Basketball 2007-09

Highline was a life changing experience for me. The main reason I accepted an offer to play at Highline was Coach Dawson. The Highline program has always been well respected, organized, competitive and a regular playoff team for their division. Coach Dawson was someone my parents and I felt we could trust. He didn’t sugar coat the situation, promise me the world, and try to sell me on pipe dreams. We had a very strong team with 11 freshman coming in. I came from O’Dea High School where we won 3 out of 4 state championships and lost in the state championship the year we didn’t win it, so not being apart of a winning program was not an option for me. Highline was the first place I ever played for that I truly felt the coaching staff cared about my life off the court just as much as they did on the court.
Picking your college is the first step to adulthood. Choose the program that is going to make you a better man, and teach you life principles you can carry with you after hoops is over.          Kelly Edwards 2007-09

My time at Highline meant having an opportunity to become a better player and most importantly a better person in general. Being at Highline you understand the concept of family as the words on the back of our shirts say “Together.”You learn to believe in something a lot bigger than just yourself. You are a part of a team that has a reputation to be a winner; losing is not taken easily. You learn life skills that you will be able to apply in the real world. You learn to truly understand what a student-athlete should be. You are required to perform at a high level on the basketball court and in the classroom. Highline taught me a lot and for that I will be forever thankful. Highline means a lot to my development as a man and a basketball player; that is why Highline is one of the best basketball programs in the NWAACC. I just want to say thanks to Coach Dawson, the coaching staff and my teammates that I’ve had for all your support. Thanks for the opportunity to be part of a great program like Highline.” Julian Fernandez 2010

Men Basketball Testimonial Photo

Men Basketball Testimonial Photo
My team at Highline meant a lot to me. It was like a brotherhood in which every member shared the same goals. From the head coach all the way down to the last player on the bench we had each other’s back no matter what. It was a great experience in which I learned a lot about life and how to better myself as a man.” Stedman Richardson 2009

“My experience at Highline has not only made me a better student athlete and made me mature into a young man, but it taught me that if you put your trust into people who care about you and your well being, with hard work, everything will take care of itself.” Brandon Brown 2009

Highline was a great experience for me on and off the court. I learned about teamwork, time management and most importantly self-discipline. I now know that being a student always comes before being an athlete. My two years at Highline not only were some of the best of my life but they changed my life forever. Thanks Coach Dawson for everything.” Derrick Webb 2007

“These past two years at Highline have molded me into a mature, responsible, intelligent man. This program forces you to make decisions and live with the consequences while guiding you in the right direction. I’ve established a family at Highline that will be there for the rest of my life.” Kelly Edwards 2009

“It was a great experience that really helped me grow not only on the court but off as well. The basketball and schooling provided me with the necessary tools to move on to the next level” Coby Gibler 2009

“Highline has taught me to trust in other people as well as built my confidence for life. I am glad I chose Highline because it made me a better person and player.” Kyle Perry 2010

“It was the best time of my life. The guys and the coaches are like family. I loved my time there and will never forget it.” Brandon Smith 2007

Men Basketball Testimonial PhotoHighline has taken a major role in creating my character and work ethic, which are applicable to all aspects of my life. The coaching staff has always expected nothing but my very best, both in the classroom and on the court. The two years I spent at Highline were an excellent stepping stone to get to the next level and to prepare me for my future. To all the coaching staff, thank you for the time you devoted to our success, the motivation you gave, and a great two years.” Dan Young 2010

“My time at Highline not only shaped my basketball development but also developed me into a man. Highline shapes you into the type of player 4-year coaches want and the type of man society values.” Nate Jackson 2006

“My time at Highline gave me a growing experience and was a stepping stone to further my life and education. I also made friends there that will last a lifetime.” Zach Bruce 2007

 “I liked how I was readily accepted by the players and coaches [as a transfer player] as part of the family. From day one I was greeted with respect from Coach Dawson and felt welcome to the program.” Kris Rainwater 2008

My time at Highline was fun. Highline helped me with my growth and maturity as a student-athlete as well as a person.” Lawrence Brooks 2005

“My time at Highline not only shaped my basketball development but also developed me into a man. Highline shapes you into the type of player 4-year coaches want and the type of man society values.” Nate Jackson 2006

I spent two and a half years at Highline and throughout that time I learned more about life issues than I even realized I did. Through being part of the basketball team I learned the true meaning of togetherness and teamwork. Meeting and interacting with all of the diverse people educated me on things I couldn’t learn from reading a textbook. The professors also helped bring out my potential and actually made me believe I had some. It was a completely rewarding experience that I would never take back but would love to do all over again.” James Thorn 2007