End of the Season

Highline finished its season at 19-10 and 8-6 in conference play, just missing out on a playoff position. Moving on from Highline after completing their sophomore seasons will be  David Harris, Coby Myles, Coby Rothwell, Trenten McCall, Tristan Miguel, and team manager Jason Holler. Key returnees for Highline include Noah Harper, RJ Nelson, Mahlik Hall , Nathan Yockey, and Ryder Kavanagh.

Individual Statistics

Minutes per game:  David Harris 34.7; Coby Myles 31.7; Mahlik Hall 26.4
Points per game:  David Harris 19.7; Noah Harper 10.4; Coby Myles 10.2
Shooting Pct. (min. 60 attempts):  Tristan Miguel 58.7%; RJ Nelson 56.5%; David Harris 54.0%
3-pt. Shoot Pct. (min 20 attempts): David Harris 38.4%; Nathan Yockey 37.5%; Jordan Purvis 36.4%
Free Throw Pct. (min. 30 attempts): Mahlik Hall 84.5%; David Harris 84.1%; Coby Rothwell 83.3%
Assists per game:  Coby Myles 2.9; Coby Myles 2.3; David Harris 2.0
Rebounds per game: David Harris 7.1; Noah Harper 6.2; Coby Myles 4.8
Steals per game: Mahlik Hall 1.6; David Harris 1.1; Coby Myles 1.0
Blocks per game:  Tristan Miguel 1.2; RJ Nelson 0.4

2018/19 Team Statistics

Points for per game:  79.8
Points against per game: 76.5
Shooting Pct.:  47.1%
3-pt. Shoot Pct:  34.4%
Free Throw Pct.: 77.0%
Assists per game:  12.0
Turnovers per game: 12.7
Rebounds per game:  34.9
Steals per game: 5.7
Blocks per game:  1.9

The 2018/19 Highline Men’s Basketball Team

Highline Men's Basketball Team 2018/19L to R: Remeake Keith, Coby Myles, Mahlik Hall, Ryder Kavanagh, Coby Rothwell, Emmanuel Mulibea, Ethan Gates, Tristan Miguel, David Harris, Nathan Yockey, Trenten McCall, Darius Mitchell, Jordan Purvis, Micah Zevenbergen, Jason Holler (Mgr)
Not Pictured: Noah Harper, Israel Brown, RJ Nelson, Gedeon Gakemba