Letter to Highline Athletes from
Athletics Director John Dunn

(March 23, 2020)
T-Birds –
During this time of uncertainty I just wanted check in to see how each of you are doing and let you know that Laura, your coaches and I are working through all of the issues that will be facing you during spring quarter and beyond. Please understand that our number one priority is you, the student-athlete. For the spring athletes, we will be contacting you through your coaches to let you know what your options will be moving forward. So for now, try to be patient, stay focused on your academics, and do your part to socially distance yourself from others. Remember, what is right isn’t always popular and what is popular isn’t always right. Be the example, lead, and help those around you.

Thank You for Being a T-Bird!
Sincerely,  John Dunn
Athletic Director, Highline College

You can email me with questions at jdunn@highline.edu  
Or, reach Laura Rosa at lrosa@highline.edu

Season’s End

With the NWAC Men’s Basketball Championships being cancelled because of the Coronavirus pandemic the Men’s Basketball season has ended.  The Highline Men’s team finished 15-13 or the season; 7-7 in league play and qualified for the playoffs.  The squad says goodbye to sophomores Mahlik Hall, Nathan Yockey, Emmanuel Mulibea, Micah Zevenbergen, and Ryder Kavanaugh.

Congratulations to Mahlik Hall (NWAC West Region First Team All-Star) and Jaylen Fayson (NWAC West Region All-Defensive Team)

Final Statistics 2019/20

Team Statistics

Games: 28
Points per game: 78.1
Opponent Points per game: 77.1
Field Goals: 828-1832  (45.2 %)
3-pt FGs:  232-642  (36.1%)
Free Throws: 299-451  (66.3 %)



Individual Statistics

Off. Rebounds per game: 12.9
Def. Rebounds per game: 27.0
Total Rebounds per game: 39.9
Assists per game:14.0
Turnovers per game: 14.9
Steals per game: 6.3
Blocks per game: 3.2

Games Played

Cesar Diaz  28
Jalen Fayson   28
Micah Jessie  28
LeAndrew Menefee  28

 3-Point Shooting Percentage
(min. 2 attempts per game)

Nathan Yockey  40.5%
Micah Jessie  40.0%
Griffin Gardoski  39.7%
Mahlik Hall  37.9%

Minutes per Game

Mahlik Hall  34.8
Jalen Fayson  32.9
Micah Jessie  32.0
Nathan Yockey  30.4

Assists per Game

Mahlik Hall    5.0
Micah Jessie  2.6
Griffin Gardoski  1.5

Points per Game: 

Mahlik Hall  16.9
Jalen Fayson  14.9
Micah Jessie  14.2
Nathan Yockey  11.9

Rebounds per Game

Jalen Fayson   9.0
Mahlik Hall   6.3
Micah Jessie   6.3
Griffin Gardoski  5.1

Shooting Percentage
(min. 5 attempts per game)

Jalen Fayson  52.5%
Griffin Gardoski  47.3%
Nathan Yockey  45.8%
Mahlik Hall   45.4%

Steals per Game

Mahlik Hall  1.9
Micah Jessie   1.2
Jalen Fayson  0.7
Griffin Gardoski  0.7

2019 Highline Men Basketball Team

(left to right)

Mgr.  Jason Holler
Keisean Harrell
10    James Brown
11     Cesar Diaz
23     Ryder Kavanagh
31     Connor Edwards
21     Griffin Gardoski
3       Micah Zevenbergen
0       Zyair Dillon
5       Jalen Fayson
2       Emmanuel Mulibea
12     LeAndrew Menefee
1       Nathan Yockey
22     Micah Jessie
20     Kiwanis Thomas III
24     Mahlik Hall
RJ Nelson