Highline Athletics Staff and Coaches

John Dunn, Athletic Director John Dunn is in his Eighteenth year as Highline Colleges Athletic Director, having taking over this position in 1999. Dunn brings a wealth of experience to this position, as he was Assistant Athletic Director for eight years, and has been a Physical Education instructor for 26 years.

John attended Highline before transferring to Washington State University to complete his Bachelors Degree. He earned his Masters Degree at City University. John served as head coach of the Highline Thunderbirds Men’s Basketball Team for three seasons, and as Assistant Men’s Basketball Coach for three seasons. Dunn is a tenured faculty member in the Health & P.E. Department. To learn more about Athletics at Highline College and how you can become involved, you may email Mr. Dunn or call him at (206)-592-3455

Directory of Coaches & Staff

If you are interested in contacting our coaches or staff, you may do so by dialing the College’s phone number at 206-878-3710, and the extension listed after the individual’s name, or e-mail those with a link. The department’s fax number is 206-870-3755

Athletic DirectorJohn Dunn(206) 592-3455jdunn@highline.edu
Assistant Athletic DirectorLaura Rosa(206) 592-3312lrosa@highline.edu
Athletic Facilities ManagerBarry Carel(206) 592-3036bcarel@highline.edu
Athletics TrainerKyle Clyde
Academic AdvisorLaura Rosa(206) 592-3312lrosa@highline.edu
Women's GolfSteve Turcotte - Head Coachsdturcotte@comcast.net
Women's GolfTony Willis - Assistant Coach
Men's BasketballChe Dawson - Head Coach(206) 592-3087cdawson@highline.edu
Men's BasketballDave Denny - Assistant Coach
Men's BasketballClarence Ryan - Assistant Coach
Men's BasketballNathan TeGrootenhuis - Assistant Coach
Men's BasketballDavid Choi - Assistant Coach
Men's SoccerSteve Mohn - Head Coachsmohn19@gmail.com
Men's SoccerRalphael Cox - Assistant Coach
Men's SoccerNick Rosato - Assistant Coach
Women's VolleyballChris Littleman - Head Coachclittleman@highline.edu
Women's VolleyballRuss Dickinson - Assistant Coach
Women's VolleyballJeff McDonald -  Assistant Coach
Women's BasketballDamien Crump - Head Coach(206) 592-4283dcrump@highline.edu
Women's BasketballCarol Howard - Assistant Coach
Women's BasketballSarah Quantz - Assistant Coach
Women's SoccerTom Moore - Head Coach253-221-3154tmoore@highline.edu
Women's SoftballJason Evans  - Head Coachjevans@highline.edu
Women's SoftballBrooke Howard - Assistant Coach
Women's SoftballMatt Bajo  - Assistant Coach
Women's SoftballMegan Chan - Assistant Coach
Women's TennisLaura Rosa - Head Coach(206) 592-3312lrosa@highline.edu
Women's TennisMakoa Rosa - Assistant Coach
Men's WrestlingChad Beattycbeatty@highline.edu