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Strength and Conditioning Program

Taryn Plypick (left) with Alan Stein of Stronger Team/ S&C coach at Dematha HS, one of the Best basketball specific strength and conditioning coaches in the world.
Highline College Men's Basketball has one of the best basketball specific strength and conditioning programs in the NWAACC. The program is led by former Thunderbird athlete, Taryn Plypick ('03-'05). Coach Plypick is an NSCA Certified Strength and Conditioning Coach, Owner of Cutting Edge Elite Performance and has a Master's Degree in Exercise Science as well has spent time learning from some of the best basketball specific strength and conditioning coaches in the world, including most recently, Alan Stein (Owner of Stronger Team/ Strength and Conditioning Coach at national powerhouse, Dematha High School). Coach Plypick's innovative, purposeful, safe and efficient year round training gives the Thunderbird athletes a distinct competitive advantage. Coach Plypick's philosophy centers around the idea that strength and conditioning needs to be practical and purposeful. Staying healthy is a priority and our goal is to keep guys on the court where they belong. In order for an athlete to maximize his potential as a basketball player he needs to have a solid strength and conditioning foundation. Our goal is to maximize each player's potential and we do this through innovative, fun, competitive and purposeful training. Each player receives an initial assessment and consultation in which Coach Plypick will evaluate each player's strengths and weaknesses as well as identify muscular imbalances and develop a custom strength training plan targeted towards each player's particular needs. We focus on improving basketball athleticism so that players can perform their skills at a higher level. Strength and Conditioning is a small but vital piece of the puzzle in regards to the all-around development of basketball players. Coach Plypick recognizes that most players and teams do not have a lot of time for strength training, therefore it is important to maximize the time they do have through purposeful and practical strength training. Everything is done with a purpose and done with the goal of getting the players in the best basketball shape possible. Coach Plypick is a firm believer that the best players are in the best shape!

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Updated on August 23, 2013

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